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Pre-Cut Ceiling Panels

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions introduces an array of new ceiling panels pre-cut to integrate with trimless downlights. Previously attainable only in drywall ceilings, Center Cut panels allow architects and designers to achieve the smooth look of a flangeless downlight in suspended ceilings. In addition to providing the look of drywall, the panels offer the added benefits of accessibility and acoustical performance.


The new panels are offered in 4 Armstrong® product lines including Calla®, Lyra PB®, Ultima® and Optima PB®. The panels are pre-cut in the center with either 3.5" or 5" square or round openings designed to seamlessly integrate exclusively with the trimless BeveLED family of downlights manufactured by lighting partner USAI Lighting. All panels are available in square lay-in and tegular versions and all install in a standard 9/16" suspension system.


Center Cut panels replace inconsistent edges with clean, crisp, factory-finished panels. By providing pre-cut holes for the lights, downlight installation is fast and easy since no on-site panel cuts are needed. Trimless downlights require a very precise cut, which is not easily achieved in the field. The pre-cut holes also fit snugly and are always straight, removing another potential for error.

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