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Scaffold Armour

Knaack® introduces Scaffold Armour™, designed to enhance mobility and efficiency on job sites everywhere. The newest addition to Knaack’s mobile storage systems was developed for users who have excess scaffolding on the job site and may already be using it for storage.


The Knaack Scaffold Armour is an easy-to-install panel system that converts a standard 6' Baker-style scaffold into a lockable storage solution. Compatible with all Baker-style scaffolds, the conversion takes less than 20 minutes. Unsecured and unorganized jobsite materials and equipment can quickly be covered behind the legendary tan Knaack panel walls. The Scaffold Armour provides an extra-large, secured compartment that is mobile and ideal for storage, field office setup and workstations for assembly or fabrication.


The powder coat finish protects against external elements and the industry standard 16-gae steel construction is ideal for jobsite storage.


The electrical cord pass through with included rubber grommets on both the left and right side provide easy supply access for power equipment recharging and computer or Wi-Fi bases. Pros can be connected to construction project needs like never before. It also fits through 36" door frames and holds up to 1,000 lbs.

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