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Wood Connectors Catalog

Simpson Strong-Tie has released the “Simpson Strong-Tie® 2021–2022 Wood Construction Connectors” catalog, a comprehensive guide to the company’s most recent innovations and product line expansions for wood construction applications.


Available in print and online, the catalog includes allowable load tables for all products and is updated to comply with the 2021 IBC and IRC building codes. In addition, it features product illustrations and installation notes designed to assist in selecting the right wood connector products.


The catalog presents several new innovations and line extensions, including 2 patent-pending connectors: the LTTP2 light tension tie and LSSR slopable/skewable hanger series.


The LTTP2 is designed to be used with both solid sawn lumber and I-joist purlins. A 1-piece design features 2 separate nailing patterns: obround holes spaced 3" apart for I-joist purlins, and square holes spaced to accommodate the narrow face of 2x solid sawn purlins.


The patent-pending LSSR hanger series now includes 3 new sizes to accommodate 2x lumber, specifically for square-cut joists used with trusses. Like the original LSSR models, these new sizes are field-adjustable for skews up to 45° and feature an innovative hinged swivel seat that adjusts up to a 45° slope. In addition, LSSR hangers can be installed after all the rafters have been tacked into place.


For the first time, the catalog includes a mass timber application guide, an expanded fastener application guide and in-depth information on the stainless-steel Titen HD® screw anchor.


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