Cordless Cut-out Tool

June 2017

The new Hilti cordless cut-out tool SCO 6-A22 delivers a corded performance with cordless productivity. From 5/8" single layer to double layer drywall conditions and all the way up to heavy-duty, abuse-resistant drywall, the SCO 6-A22 cordless cut-out tool can handle it. It features 2 ultra-bright LEDs positioned around the front of the tool to illuminate base material even in dark corners. The integrated dead-man paddle trigger turns off the tool when dropped.
The SCO 6-A22’s optimal airflow management guides dust away from the user’s face and the tool’s motor. The tool also has a brushless motor, sealed electronics and a large heat sink to provide outstanding performance and a long life.
Part of Hilti’s new 22V tool portfolio, the Hilti SCO 6-A22 utilizes the latest battery cell management system that allows for a fuller charge and deeper drain so users get more work per charge—up to 20% more than Hilti 18V batteries, and up to 50% more than other 18V 5.0 amp hour solutions. Like all other Hilti 22V tools, the SCO 6-A22 is backward compatible with all Hilti 18 V batteries.
The Hilti SCO 6-A22 is covered by  the Hilti Tool Warranty 20/2/1.;