Italian-Made Brushes for Plaster Work

August 2017

Bon introduces a line of Italian-made brushes popular for decorative plaster techniques such as Venetian splatter and whitewash finishing. Multiple brush sizes are available for each of the 6 new brush styles: American Style Flat Brush; Milano Ceiling Brush; Italian White Wash Brush; Vento Oval Brush; 2 1/4" Venetian Splatter Brush; and, 2 3/4" Venetian Splatter Brush. Each brush is designed for a unique application in the wall and ceiling trades.
The American Style Flat Bush is available in sizes from 1" to 4". The Milano Ceiling Brush is offered in four sizes. Bon's Italian White Wash Brush is manufactured with wood head and threaded handle that can be removed allowing a longer extension handle to be applied to the brush. The Venetian Splatter Brush is available in 2 trim sizes and is used to create a decorative effect on faux marble finishes.
Each of the new brush styles are offered in multiple sizes. Seventeen new plaster brushes are available at Bon.