Gypsum Association Revises 11 Technical Documents

September 2017

The Gypsum Association has revised 11 technical documents pertaining to the application, finishing, handling and storage of gypsum panel products. Since December 2016, more than half of the GA’s extensive catalogue of free technical guidance documents has been updated to reflect the most current recommendations of technical experts within the gypsum industry. Documents recently posted to the free download section of the GA Bookstore are GA-214 Quick Reference Guide; GA-221-2017 Causes, Prevention and Repair of Joint Ridging and Centerline Cracking; GA-223-2017 Gypsum Panel Products Types, Uses, Sizes, and Standards; GA-227-2017 Recommendations for the Prevention of Ceiling Cracking; GA-235-2017 Gypsum Board Typical Mechanical and Physical Properties; GA-236-2017 Joint Treatment Under Extreme Weather Conditions; GA-253-2018 Application of Gypsum Sheathing; GA-254-2017 Fire-Resistant Gypsum Sheathing; GA-618-2017 Building and Inspecting Smoke Barriers; GA-801-2017 Handling and Storage of Gypsum Panel Products; GA-1000-2017 Identification of Gypsum Board
A new “Quick Reference Guide” to GA-214, Recommended Levels of Finish for Gypsum Board, Glass Mat and Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Panels, provides a one-page summary of the longer document. Not a replacement for GA-214, the guide describes each level of finish and when and where they are appropriate. This document aims to better align project specifications and jobsite practices.
GA-1000-2017, Identification of Gypsum Board, and GA-223-2017, Gypsum Panel Products Types, Uses, Sizes and Standards, are valuable reference tools because the former is essential to forensic consultants seeking to identify panels in the field, and the latter provides both the ASTM manufacturing standard and the appropriate installation standard for every gypsum panel product.
GA-221-2017, Causes, Prevention and Repair of Joint Ridging and Centerline Cracking, stresses the importance of having all HVAC equipment, tubs, toilets and roofing in place prior to installation of wallboard. GA-253-2018, Application of Gypsum Sheathing, has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure this code referenced document supplies appropriate guidance for installation of exterior gypsum sheathing, which is increasingly specified in both commercial and multifamily structures.