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Between bustling work schedules, family activities and the day-to-day tasks that seemingly pop up everywhere, the demands on your time are already stretching you beyond thin.

We get it.

That’s why AWCI Media has created its Online Learning Series—live and on-demand professional development that fits into your already-packed schedule. Each 60-minute webinar is available as-it-happens or as-it-fits—at lunch, on the job site, or even after the kids are in bed—to help you learn about what’s happening in the wall and ceiling industry at your own pace. The best part? Each program in the AWCI Media Online Learning Series is available free of charge!


Gen Z: Managing the Cultural and Communications
Gap Between Generations
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There are now four distinct generations at work in the construction industry—Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and, increasingly, Gen Z. Jobsites and offices see daily interaction between all four; yet, the form—and tone—that these conversations take is different and can become, at times, a source of unintended friction. Learn how to mitigate these potential flash points in the workplace and create an environment where each generation can help others learn and evolve!

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Amy Chasteen Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Amy Chasteen Miller serves as a professor of Sociology and vice provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Southern Mississippi. Miller received her doctorate in sociology from the University of Michigan and has been a faculty member at the University of Southern Mississippi since 1997. Over her career, she has taught more than 5,000 students as well as published on a range of research topics related to culture, belief systems and social change. Her research is now primarily focused on understanding generational differences and their impact on our increasingly diverse educational and work environments. She consults and speaks widely on these topics, particularly related to millennials and Generation Z and the challenges and opportunities posed by generational change.

Upcoming Online Programs (start time 2 p.m. ET)*:

Thursday, July 11 – Building a Culture of Safety from the Ground Up - sponsored by   
Thursday, August 15 – Friend or Foe? The Architect, General Contractor &
Subcontractor Relationship Explained - sponsored by   
Thursday, September 12 – Competing & Winning: How to Set Your Company Apart - sponsored by   
Thursday, November 14 – Prefabrication: The Future Is Now - sponsored by  
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Members-Only Webinars

OSHA Standard Competent Person Overview

There has been a significant revision in the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard. Along with a significant reduction of the Permissible Exposure Limit is a requirement for there to be a competent person. A person must be at the job site, who can identify existing and foreseeable respirable crystalline hazards, with knowledge of the standard and empowered to affect change. This webinar will lay the foundation for individuals to function in that capacity. An in- depth analysis of respirable crystalline silica and the need behind the ruling, the major points within the ruling, and what contractor tasks are involved are covered.

Who Should Attend

This AWCI webinar is for all those that want to better understand the ruling, and those who intend to function as a competent person.

  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • Safety managers
  • Job superintendents
  • Suppliers and manufacturers who want to better understand their customers' business
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