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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award 2016

Winner: Plexxis ERP from Plexxis Software

Construction management involves a complex network of people, materials, data and deadlines. And lots of money. Designed specifically for the wall and ceiling industry, Plexxis ERP software eliminates many systems, spreadsheets and processes that devour a contractor’s time and resources.


With role-specific features designed on a single source, collaborative platform, the program literally unites the entire company. It provides every department with instant, real-time access to all critical information from anywhere, at any time—without any APIs to support or extra databases to maintain. The live connection between accounting and estimating provides visibility into moving material budgets, including change orders. And its purchasing protections prevent ordering outside the budget.


By allowing all employees to work together simultaneously, administrative labor costs can be reduced by 20 to 30 percent. Plexxis ERP even supports contractors’ safety programs with a fully integrated human-resources system.


Having all data in one system tracks rapidly changing information at all times. This keeps contractors on top of their game, so they can streamline their operations.


A contractor who uses Plexxis ERP had this to say in his testimony for the product’s nomination: “Plexxis software has enabled our office to move budgets from an estimate into accounting by the simple click of a few buttons. The time and cost savings eliminated has been tremendous. The accuracy of the budget information is now unquestioned and our productivity in bids per month has significantly increased.”

For giving contractors the technology to maximize pace and performance, AWCI honors Plexxis ERP from Plexxis Software with its 2016 Excellence in Construction Innovation Award.

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