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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Award

This year’s winner of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Award for companies with between 300,000 and 600,000 annual man-hours is Marek Brothers Systems in Dallas.

The company’s commitment to safety is spelled out on its website; there’s an entire page with multiple links committed to reinforcing Marek’s safety initiatives.

Fleet safety, equipment training and basic safety training are offered in English and Spanish— simultaneously. A recurring safety message reminds employees that staying injury- and accident-free also protects their families, their peers and the general public.

But Marek’s safety program doesn’t stop at training. To maintain the highest possible safety awareness, the company monitors and tests its workforce on a daily basis. Quick Safety Guide references, covering topics from equipment to safety program details, provide ready answers when questions arise on the job site.

The Weekly Toolbox Talk blog, written by Marek’s corporate safety manager, addresses familiar safety concerns from an insider’s point of view: avoiding sprains and strains, material handling, accident reporting, and how to safeguard against the possibility of being struck by a moving object.

Marek’s Dallas managers do more than explain the business objectives of a strong safety program to each employee. Each day, they remind their workers that being safe means that everyone go home to their loved ones at the end of the day, a home they’ve worked hard—and safely—to provide. Marek’s management knows that the company’s strong commitment to safety tends to boost employee loyalty because employees know that the organization they work for is 100 percent committed to their safety.

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