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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Awards

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards puts the spotlight on the project itself while honoring the AWCI AWCI’s 2014 Excellence in Construction Safety Awards were presented to three different companies, each in different man-hour categories, during the awards brunch held April 2 at AWCI’s Convention in Las Vegas.

The winner in the category where the contractor logs more than 600,000 annual man-hours is Performance Contracting Group, Inc.

As one of the largest employee-owned specialty contractors in America, PCG’s culture recognizes that the success of each individual is inexorably linked to safety: It’s the company’s top core value. In fact, the company’s philosophy places safety ahead of productivity and profit since the company believes that eliminating incidents/injuries is not just a responsibility, it’s an obligation.

All employees, from the president to foremen, must meet mandatory safety-related performance standards during their annual performance appraisal reviews. With the average cost of training a replacement employee more than $6,000, these employee-owners have discovered that keeping themselves and their peers injury free translates into tangible savings.

PCG’s strong safety program also drives the company’s ongoing cycle of success. Its employees have discovered that working in an incident-free environment helps them be more productive, which in turn contributes to the high quality of their work. It’s no wonder they enjoy a “best in class” reputation.

Ultimately, “what gets measured gets done.” Internal audits that are reviewed by the company’s top management ensure policies and procedures are followed. Branches are financially held accountable for their safety performance, with claim costs taken out of their profit—and insurance rebates going back in.

Good safety performance is rewarded. Insurance rebates are handed back to the branches who earned them. Promotions and pay increases are linked to a consistent adherence to safety performance standards.

Whether it’s at a new-hire orientation or in a paycheck envelope, reminders about safety are constant at Performance Contracting.

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