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3D Exterior Megapanels

Sto Corp. is empowering architects and designers with unprecedented creative freedom through recent advancements in its Sto Panel Technology® business. Sto Panel Technology produces fully engineered and tested prefabricated finished exterior megapanel systems, and is now introducing the versatility of 3D printing to its megapanels with StoPanel® 3DP powered by Branch Technology. Sto is also bringing megapanel walls and windows together in a more efficient and integrated way through a collaboration with Kawneer North America.


StoPanel® 3DP delivers unprecedented three-dimensional design freedom for exterior walls. The megapanel system includes all the building envelope control layers integrated with a unique, fully customizable 3D-printed composite façade. The 3D component, called the Composite Core, is lightweight, structurally robust and easy to install. Branch’s unique Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab®) 3D printing process gives designers and architects the ability to stretch the limits of their creativity. The technology enables StoPanel 3DP to create virtually any 3D shape or form at a large scale.


Sto Panel Technology’s collaboration with Kawneer North America has integrated windows and walls together in the manufacturing process. Kawneer window receptors are installed during the offsite production of the StoPanel megapanels.

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