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5-In-1 Drill/Driver System

When the job is drilling and driving, speed is a key factor in success. It may impact everything from profitability to ensuring you get to the customer who’s at the end of the day’s schedule. The Bosch 12V Max FlexiClick™ 5-In-1 Drill/Driver System can help trade professionals meet the need for speed with a convenient tool that helps save time, yet delivers high-quality drilling and driving.


Bosch’s FlexiClick is a compact 12-volt tool with four professional-grade attachments: a 3/8" keyless chuck, a locking bit holder, a right angle attachment and an offset angle attachment. These offer easy adjustment for screw driving, drilling, right angle drilling/driving, and offset driving close to edges. The tool offers excellent flexibility for projects that range from hanging cabinets to electrical box installation to pre-drilling holes in hardwood. The Bosch FlexiClick Drill/Driver delivers 265 in.-lbs. maximum torque and a maximum speed of 1,300 rpm.


The right angle and the offset angle attachments can be rotated in 16 different positions using one hand and without the need to remove attachments from the tool. And the right angle attachment can be used in conjunction with three additional attachments or can be used alone. Additional attachments include a locking bit holder and the keyless chuck.


The Bosch GSR12V-140FC FlexiClick Drill/Driver is great for applications in tight spaces where other tools are too large. Also, the drill/driver features a compact design that ensures it’s easy to use for overhead jobs or when arms are spread in uncomfortable positions.

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