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Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions introduces Total Acoustics™ ceiling panels, a new generation of ceiling panels that feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption and sound blocking in one ceiling panel.


By providing the ability to both absorb unwanted sound and block noise from traveling into adjacent spaces, Total Acoustics ceiling panels are an ideal choice for today’s flexible workspaces where a mix of private offices, quiet concentration areas and collaborative teaming areas often share the same floor space.


By meeting the acoustical needs of each type of workspace in a single panel, Total Acoustics ceilings also provide the ability to reconfigure the workspaces without changing the ceiling while still meeting the acoustical requirements of each space.


Ceiling panels featuring Total Acoustics performance are offered in a variety of Armstrong product lines, including Ultima®, Calla™, Lyra™, Cirrus®, Fine Fissured™, Mesa™, Canyon™ and School Zone®.


To make it easier to specify the right ceiling for a space, Total Acoustics panels are rated as good, better and best based on their combination of sound absorption as denoted by their Noise Reduction Coefficient and sound blocking as denoted by their Ceiling Attenuation Class.


Total Acoustics ceilings rated as “Best” have an NRC of 0.80 or higher and a CAC 35 or higher. “Better” ceilings have an NRC of 0.70-0.75 and a CAC 35 or higher. “Good” ceilings have an NRC of 0.60-0.65 and a CAC 35 or higher.

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