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Bit Holder

Contractors have long been frustrated with breaking screwdriving bits. In fact, 75% of contractors report loss of time when bits break on the job. Now, thanks to the new Crescent Vortex™ Bit Holder, it’s time to save time and money on the job site. This revolutionary bit holder extends the life of any 1/4"  hex shank bit by 500x.


The exclusive Dual Impact Zone™ in the Crescent Vortex™ Bit Holder extends the life of bits up to 500 times when using bits with an impact driver. This unique design feature absorbs the shock of repeated, heavy usage in impact applications while still delivering maximum torque from the impact driver. That durability makes the Crescent Vortex™ Bit Holder ideal for jobs like metal framing, decking, subflooring and metal roofing where pros are using impact drivers countless times each day.


The Crescent Vortex™ Bit Holder is available as a single item and is included in 8 Vortex™ Bit sets ranging up to 55 pieces.

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