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Book: “Behind the Walls”

Buck Buchanan, veteran of the EIFS and construction products industry, has written his third book, “Behind the Walls,” which tells the story of the people who built an industry from scratch to become a multibillion-dollar business. The book is about the EIFS industry in the United States, a building product that is so unique it revolutionized construction. It’s not just about the events that shaped it, but the people who contributed to its success.


Along the way there were multiple challenges, some that put the industry on the verge of collapse while others attempted to restrict its ability to grow. Many battles had to be fought as the business struggled for acceptance from building owners, architects, building codes officials and politicians. Hurricanes, fires and the Great Recession also presented formidable hurdles to overcome.


This book tracks the industry’s development from its beginning to a period of astonishing growth and then follows as it evolved into a mature industry. It reviews many of the key points along the way, such as the rise and fall of the residential business and the industry’s ability to rebrand itself after its most catastrophic event.


Some deals were made, and some fell through as companies were bought and sold along the way. But the focus is on the people who built an industry from 1969 to 2019—their careers, their difficulties and the tragedies some of them faced. It’s an American story, one of survival and success.

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