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Max USA Corp. announces the availability of its NF255SF2/18 SuperFinisher to the North and South American markets.


This far-from-typical 18ga. brad nailer, which can be used for finish and trim, door/window casing, cabinet, panel assembly and subflooring applications, has several innovative features that set it apart from a conventional brad nailer.


The NF255SF2/18 SuperFinisher was constructed with a precision point contact nose that allows users to fasten trim in narrow spaces and also guides nails to a precise area of the work surface, which is especially important when toe nailing. This nail gun’s flat-top design allows nails to be fired as close as 1/8" from any vertical wall or surface. With enhanced driving power this SuperFinisher can consistently shoot brad nails into hard woods.


Patented features such as an air duster disburses air to quickly clear dust and debris from the work surface. The strategic placement of the air duster button allows the user to easily shift from gripping the tool, to blowing the work surface clean. Another feature designed to keep the work surface clean is a no-mar contact tip that eliminates the appearance of driver marks on wood trim. Built-in surface protection shields, which include a thermoplastic elastomer cylinder cap and strategically placed plastic components, prevent the tool’s metal parts from scratching finished work surfaces. To further prevent damage to work surfaces, the NF255SF2/18 has an anti-dry firing mechanism that prohibits the tool from firing when 7 nails remain in the magazine.


Max USA Corp. is distributing the NF255SF2/18 SuperFinisher through professional tool and nail dealers.

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