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Knaack® announces the addition of 2 new Knaack Cart Armour™ models for Suncast® carts to round out its family of products. The Knaack Cart Amour product line, a patented mobile jobsite storage solution for light duty carts, was developed to protect tools from theft and damage. The secure interlocking steel paneling design system encapsulates mobile utility carts to protect contents from being stolen while also preventing tools from falling from the cart and being damaged. First introduced to fit Rubbermaid® Carts, the Cart Armour™ product line has expanded to now support Suncast® carts, offering those users the Legendary Tan Knaack protection. With the addition of Suncast® compatible models, the Cart Armour™ product family now includes 7 unique models.


The Cart Armour™ combined with the recently introduced Knaack Planzboard, a multi-functional, mobile planning station built for job sites, provides a secure mobile home base to collaborate with teams throughout the day for enhanced productivity.


The Knaack Planzboard can easily be installed on the Cart Armour™ enabled utility carts in less than 15 minutes. It transforms the standard utility cart into an adjustable and versatile mobile planning station that can be used as a table, drawing/plans reviewing station or bulletin board for meetings. The Knaack Cart Armour™ and Planzboard combined provide teams everything that is needed in a mobile solution.


The Knaack Cart Armour™ and Planzboard models are available nationally.

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