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Commercial Polyiso Wall Insulation

Atlas Roofing Corporation has expanded its product line to serve the demand for high efficiency commercial wall systems. EnergyShield® CGF Pro (pictured) and EnergyShield® Ply Pro are the newest members of the company’s commercial polyiso wall insulation line.


EnergyShield® CGF Pro, glass faced polyiso insulation for commercial exterior walls, helps protect the integrity of the continuous insulation layer by resisting jobsite damage, particularly in masonry, brick veneer and metal panel assemblies. Additionally, the product offers higher vapor permeability than foil-faced insulation, has multiple NFPA fire tested assemblies and is engineered for easy incorporation into commercial wall assemblies.


EnergyShield® Ply Pro is a Class A polyiso insulation bonded to plywood for commercial continuous wall insulation systems. The single component provides insulation, together with a fire-treated plywood substrate that can be mechanically fastened to various cladding systems, resulting in faster installations and labor savings. EnergyShield® Ply Pro offers the highest R-value per inch of any rigid insulation.


EnergyShield® CGF Pro and Ply Pro are available now for ordering though an Atlas representative.

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