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Compact Circular Saw

Ryobi™ introduces the 18V ONE+™ HP Compact Brushless 6 ½" Circular Saw to its line of ONE+ HP Compact Brushless products. RYOBI™ 18V ONE+™ HP Technology delivers more power, runtime, durability and speed utilizing brushless motors, advanced electronics and high performance lithium technology.


Ryobi™ 18V ONE+™ HP Technology enables this circular saw to deliver up to 32% faster cutting with speeds of up to 4,900 RPM. An adjustable cutting depth gauge allows for cuts up to 2 ¼" deep and a bevel capacity of 0° to 50°. In addition, this saw can provide up to 350 cuts on a single charge.


Part of the Ryobi™ compact brushless series, the circular saw is 25% lighter weight, providing portability and ease of use.


Best of all, it is part of the Ryobi™ 18V ONE+™ System of over 260 Cordless Products that all work on the same battery platform. For optimum performance, pair the all new Ryobi™ 18V ONE+™ HP Compact Brushless 6 ½" Circular Saw with any Ryobi™ Lithium High Performance Batteries.


Other features include a vacuum dust adaptor for cleaner work area, an on-board LED work light and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


This tool will be available exclusively in Home Depot stores and on and retails for $119.

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