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Compact Orbital Sanders

Festool USA and Festool Canada introduce two 250 watt orbital sanders, the DTS 400 REQ and the RTS 400 REQ. At 2.5lbs, the DTS 400 REQ and RTS 400 REQ are compact and lightweight and feature a 25% increase in power over previous models as well as Festool’s MMC electronics. Other new features include a pad protector designed for minimizing pad damage and protecting adjacent surfaces, a rubberized over-grip, a bayonet-style dust port connection and an optional, re-usable Longlife Filter Bag with quick release. The DTS 400 REQ and RTS 400 REQ are designed for one-handed use for fine finishing and have step-less variable speed from 6,000 to 12,000 RPM with a sanding stroke of 2mm.


The new DTS 40 REQ and RTS 400 REQ sanders were designed for power, durability and comfort. Power: 250 watt/2.0 amps with Festool’s MMC electronics for smooth and powerful operation for the finest finishing tasks. Durability: Designed for professional use and equipped with features like an all new protector that helps to minimize pad damage as well as to protect adjacent surfaces for superior results. The redesigned dust port provides a robust and secure connection point for improved retention and hassle-free sanding. Comfort: A rubberized over-grip coupled with an ergonomic form factor and oversized, robust switch adds up to all-day-long comfort with less fatigue. And, at just over 2.5 lbs, these sanders make overhead and vertical work easy and efficient.,

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