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Compact Table Saw

SawStop announces the upcoming launch of their new compact table saw. The new 10" Compact Table Saw is a robust benchtop saw built for the rigors of the job site while offering the precision and safety that SawStop is known for.


The foundation of the compact table sawis SawStop’s contact detection technology. Just like other SawStop saws, the compact table saw detects when skin comes in contact with the blade and stops and drops the blade in less than five milliseconds. Injuries are dramatically minimized, and the saw reset is quick and easy—so operators can get back to work in minutes after a brake activation.


Beyond offering SawStop’s safety system, the compact table saw is packed with features that stand out against the competition including:

  • 10" Blade for maximum cut capacity.

  • Rack & Pinion Fence that is easy to adjust and reliably square with a built-in high and low face to support all kinds of cuts.

  • Quick-Tilt Bevel allows for easy blade angle adjustments with one hand while the Micro Adjust feature provides the ability to quickly dial in a precise cutting angle—a SawStop exclusive.

  • Highly portable with an Easy-Carry Handle and an Optional Stand available for purchase.

  • On-Saw Storage Compartment secures your accessories and tools for easy access and quick retrieval—a SawStop exclusive.

The new compact table saw will be available this fall at authorized SawStop dealer locations across the USA and Canada. The retail price is $899 USD and $1,149 CND.

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