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Sto Corp. introduces its StoColor® Dryonic® exterior coating to the North American market, providing long-term moisture protection for virtually any substrate. The exterior coating, which is part of the recently announced Sto Intelligent Technology + Design (iQ)™ coatings program (also referred to as iQ Technology™), offers a range of design possibilities as well as optimum durability, color stability and sustainability.


StoColor Dryonic, like Sto’s other iQ Technology coatings, is modelled on principles found in nature. The shell of the African fog-basking beetle, covered in countless microscopic bumps, was the inspiration for the operating principle of this biomimetic coating. StoColor Dryonic features a unique microtextured surface like that of the beetle’s shell. Rain and condensation cannot collect on this surface, preventing absorption of moisture by the facade. This allows the surface to dry in record time, depriving algae and fungi of the nutrients they need to grow. This long-lasting biomimetic effect, which even works with very intense color shades, keeps the facade surface clean and dry.


StoColor Dryonic helps to safe-guard against algae and fungi to provide a high level of durability along with aesthetic appeal.


StoColor Dryonic can be applied to all common substrates and is extremely robust. Whereas with conventional highly pigmented coatings, there is a risk of extender material breakdown (as they are easily scuffed), this new coating is much more resistant, which is an advantage in heavily frequented zones such as building entrances.


Regardless of the choice of color, the composition of the substrate or the weather conditions, StoColor Dryonic provides dry, beautiful and radiant exteriors that last.

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