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Fall Protection Harness Series

Werner announces a major upgrade in its Blue Armor and LiteFit fall protection harness series, with the addition of a patented Relief Handle for proven post-fall performance. In the event of a fall, these harnesses will help users achieve a gravity override position to relieve pressure on their femoral arteries while they await rescue.


Traditionally, fall protection equipment is designed to stop a fall, but may not be equipped to perform in a post-fall situation; this can result in suspension trauma for a fall victim and potential chaos during rescue, as responders try to minimize physical injuries to the individual. To combat these issues, the Blue Armor and LiteFit Series have incorporated an easy-to-grab patented Relief Handle built into the harness for immediate use. While hanging in suspension, users simply use their thumb or four fingers to shift their weight into a safe post-fall position to relieve pressure on their femoral arteries. The new Relief Handle is a bright blue color that is clearly distinguishable for quick access.


Along with enhanced safety functionality, the Blue Armor and LiteFit Harness series upgrade also features added design for comfort and fit. The Blue Armor fall protection harnesses have new padding with a breathable compression interior, the inclusion of a back strap for further support and added fabric flexibility that moves with the user. The waist pad now has enhanced compression comfort so users can remain comfortable while strapped tightly into their harness and features the same design as Werner’s award-winning ProForm F3 harness series. With 5-point adjustments for optimal fit and the relocation of sub-pelvic web squares to the exterior of the body, professionals can focus on their work while remaining comfortable in their harness throughout the day.


The new Blue Armor and LiteFit fall protection harnesses are OSHA and ANSI z359.11 compliant. New chest strap stitching, marked lanyard keepers and a D-ring roller to protect webbing help ensure the integrity of the material, reducing the possibility that degradation could result in user injury. The new harnesses also meet Werner’s product promise of offering inspectability to indicate wear or damage prior to use, are adjustable to accommodate most body frames to ensure comfort and productivity, perform safely in the event of a fall and can be manipulated in a post-fall condition to eliminate pain, pressure points and improve the ability to assist in rescue.

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