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Field Station Jobsite Box

Knaack announces the Field Station 119-02 jobsite box. Equipped with PowerPass® and built-in grommet electric cord pass-through, the Field Station 119-02 makes it convenient to provide power inside the jobsite box. Redesigned from the ground up, this new field station is ready for any job, featuring the best security against break-ins and the most weather-resistant design on the market.


The Knaack Field Station 119-02 jobsite box is equipped with the Watchman® IV lock system. This system includes dual latching points on the bottom compartment’s doors to ensure a tight, invulnerable closure that can be locked down with a single padlock.


The Field Station 119-02 also offers improved weather protection. It has a 3-sided gutter system that channels water away from the upper compartment. The bottom compartment has a sloped door design and internal gutter system to prevent water from collecting on the edges of the doors or from coming in through the locking mechanism opening.


The jobsite box offers more internal storage capacity than its competitors. The new design includes a durable and intuitive way to access the top compartment, an independent spring-loaded, solid lock rod latch system for the top compartment, and a pull handle to make it easier to close.


This Field Station is the only one on the market to offer adjustable shelves in its lower compartment. Inside the top compartment is another fixed shelf and a separate locking compartment.


The Field Station is the most transport-friendly model in its class. Four-way skids made from 7-ga steel allow the box to be lifted from any direction.


It is also designed for crane lift when outfitted with the optional Knaack 497 Crane Lift Kit accessory—the only product in its class built to be moved by a crane.

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