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Green Line Laser

DeWalt® has unveiled its first 20V MAX 3×360° Green Line Laser (DCLE34030G) that is compatible with the DeWalt 12V MAX and 20V MAX battery platforms. Compatibility with the DeWalt 20V MAX battery platform provides runtime of 10 hours per charge enabling long, uninterrupted time on the job.


Another benefit is the fine adjust knob, which allows for manual adjustments on the horizontal axis to position the vertical beams quickly and accurately over distance. With a working range of 100' (165' with a detector, sold separately), the laser provides accuracy of up to 1/8" at 30'. With 3×360° self-levelling lines, the laser covers the entire working area and is a multifunctional tool for drywall installations, carpentry, window fitting and tiling.


The 20V MAX 3×360° Laser is built from premium materials, has an IP54 rating and includes a pendulum lock to safeguard internal components during transportation. Further convenience is afforded by a pivoting bracket featuring a set of strong integrated magnets, allowing the laser to be attached to metal studs.

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