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Hard Hats

Milwaukee Tool continues its dedication to innovate personal protective equipment to allow users to adapt to their job site. Milwaukee® is expanding its head protection category to include hard hats in both a new 6-point and an updated 4-point suspension style.


The 6-point suspension hard hats offer 2 additional support straps for improved comfort from the traditional 4-point style hard hats. These hard hats also feature a comfortable, swinging ratchet for quick adjustment and better comfort.


Milwaukee® is also updating its traditional, 4-point suspension hard hats. These changes include no logo on the shell and an updated, even more durable, ratchet design.


All Milwaukee® hard hats are BOLT™ compatible allowing users to adapt to their job site. All hard hats include a BOLT™ reversible headlamp mount, which works with most headlamps for an easy, secure attachment, and a BOLT™ marker clip so users can attach and access writing instruments. They feature 4 BOLT™ and 2 universal accessory slots, allowing users to quickly access additional personal protective equipment and accessories. They also feature a moisture wicking sweatband and Milwaukee® decals and identification stickers.


Each hard hat is available in 8 colors, is certified to ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 by CSA, and available for Milwaukee Tool’s customization program.

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