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Benjamin Obdyke, Inc. has launched a new and improved Flatwrap HP high performance housewrap.


Flatwrap HP is designed for use in non-absorptive cladding applications or in conjunction with a rainscreen for other applications. The product offers superior durability via a trilaminate polypropylene substrate. The trilaminate design protects the water hold out layer from damage during install. Flatwrap HP can be installed as an air barrier and is also breathable with an ideal perm rating between 10 and 20 perms per building science research. The product can be exposed for 120 days before cladding install and offers a gray, low glare surface for easy install.


Flatwrap HP is also protected by a warranty that guarantees that the product’s performance per over its lifespan. All Benjamin Obdyke housewrap warranties cover defects and performance per AC38 housewrap testing. Flatwrap HP offers a 10-year standard product warranty and a 15 year system warranty when used one of the HydroFlash products from Benjamin Obdyke’s flashing line.


Available in 3', 5' and 9' sizes, Flatwrap HP offers a size option to fit project needs. The product contributes to the 25-year system warranty for Obdyke’s rainscreen products.

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