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Architects, designers, specifiers, contractors and building owners now have a new, innovative and high-performance option when it comes to insulation for open-joint cladding systems. Rockwool has launched Cavityrock® Black—a dual-density insulation board designed to mask the insulation layer with a bonded fleece facing to create a crisp, dark aesthetic in open-joint façades. Cavityrock® Black also offers the same excellent thermal performance, fire resistance and moisture control of Rockwool Cavityrock® insulation.


The fleece material on Cavityrock® Black has been strategically designed for exposure to the elements (weather, heat, UV), while maintaining the fire performance expected of Rockwool stone wool and contributing to a durable, resilient exterior wall assembly. Tested in accordance with ASTM E84, Rockwool Cavityrock® Black achieves a flame spread index and smoke development index of 10 and 25 respectively—lower than some commonly used black scrim materials.


A key differentiator that gives Cavityrock® Black an edge in quality and durability is how the facing material is applied. Rather than relying on adhesives like many insulations with facing, the fleece on Cavityrock® Black is bonded to the insulation as part of the manufacturing process, essentially joining the two materials into one. This offers better mechanical properties and superior long-term performance.


As with Rockwool Cavityrock®, the dual-density composition of Cavityrock® Black (a high-density top layer and lower density bottom later), unique to Rockwool in North America, provides an array of benefits not offered by traditional mono-density mineral wool boards. In a rainscreen application, the hard, outer layer acts as a resilient surface to weather exposure, while the lower density layer reduces the overall weight of the board, making it easier to handle. As a Rockwool stone wool insulation product, Cavityrock® Black provides a number of performance advantages including passive fire protection, sound absorbency and excellent moisture management (Rockwool stone wool is hydrophobic and vapor permeable, with high drying potential). Resistant to mold and mildew, it also contributes to a durable, resilient wall assembly. Cavityrock® Black achieves an R-value of 4.3/inch) and is available in standard 16" x 48" and 24" x 48" widths, with thickness ranging from 2" to 6".

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