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Insulation Facers

LLFlex has developed a full line of insulation facers that address the industry’s exacting requirements for gas and moisture barrier while enhancing the superior durability and longevity of the polyiso foam insulation boards. Dubbed ReyFlex™, the product set aligns with LLFlex’s commitment to energy conservation and high performance for all building and construction markets, including commercial, industrial, residential and retrofit.


The ReyFlex™ portfolio of insulation facers is comprised of three products:


The ReyFlex™ Tri-Laminate Insulation Facer is available in a variety of basis weights ranging from 25-50 lbs, with foil applied on both sides. Utilized for rigid foam insulation, this option functions as an ultimate barrier for maintaining R-values while simultaneously providing superior foam adhesion. Where added puncture resistance or durability is required, ReyFlex™ Tri-Laminate “Tough” Insulation Facer can utilize a foil/paper/polyester film format to provide added durability to rigid foam insulation panels.


The second product is a foil and paper bi-laminate faced insulation solution. The ReyFlex™ Bi-Laminate Insulation Facer was developed as a lower cost alternative to Tri-Laminate for both rigid foam and fibrous insulation mediums and is available in 25 to 50 lbs basis weights.


Finally, LLFlex’s ReyFlex™ 20LB Bi-Laminate for Radiant Barrier applications provides a low emissivity surface from the pure aluminum foil resulting in high reflectivity. Available with or without perforation for moisture permeability, the bi-laminate can be applied to a multitude of building substrates, including OSB and plywood.

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