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Integration Between Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination

Autodesk, Inc. has launched a new model coordination workflow between two of its flagship products, Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination, both of which are used by architects, engineers and construction teams. The new integration strengthens Autodesk Construction Cloud by enabling construction teams to manage the entire model coordination workflow including clash detection and issues management in a common data environment from within a single solution. Customers can now take advantage of both Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination’s capabilities to improve the quality of construction documents, save time, decrease schedule risk and reduce rework.


Before a construction project breaks ground, Navisworks empowers general contractors to identify and resolve clash and constructability issues, and BIM 360 Model Coordination enables design and trade partners to create, track and self-check issues that arise during the model coordination process. Now, users can automate clash detection in BIM 360 Model Coordination, as well as create and assign issues from either Navisworks or BIM 360. This new workflow enhances existing coordination workflows for Navisworks users and empowers BIM 360 Model Coordination users to do more specific clash detection and analysis in Navisworks.


The new workflow between desktop-based Navisworks and cloud-based BIM 360 Model Coordination enables more project partners to be involved in the model coordination process at any time. Design and trade teams can self-check their models in real-time using automated clash detection, while a BIM leader can focus time and resources on the largest constructability issues and open up an evolving data set in Navisworks to run specific cross-discipline class tests on the latest design data.


For example, with the new workflow, if a structural team uploads a model to BIM 360 Model Coordination and as a result of the solution’s automated clash detection, notices a clash between the stairwell and a basic wall, they can assign an issue to their team: “wall incorrectly positioned in front of curtain wall—check structural integrity.” The issue can then be tracked and resolved before the model is sent to the GC’s VDC lead. The model can also be opened in Navisworks where specific rules are applied and a user’s expertise taken into consideration to check for larger constructability issues. For instance, the VDC manager may notice the positioning of an air handling unit will make it difficult for maintenance, requiring plumbing and HVAC to re-route their systems. The manager can then assign issues to both plumbing and HVAC partners directly from Navisworks and request a design fix—enabling the VDC manager to track the issue to resolution all from within Navisworks.

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