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Jobsite WiFi

DeWalt® launches its Jobsite WiFi Access Points (DCT100), which are made in the United States with global materials. DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Points are built to withstand tough construction site conditions.


Reliable Internet access is a necessity on residential and commercial construction sites. DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Points utilize the user’s existing ISP to provide jobsite wireless Internet coverage. With an operating temperature of –4°F to 122°F, the Access Points are IP67 rated to protect against dust and water submersion. In addition, the Jobsite WiFi mobile app, coming soon, will provide detailed steps to guide users through the simple setup process without requiring a technician. With both vertical and horizontal mounting options, DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Points can be installed to a user’s optimal orientation on a carabiner, anchor, tripod or wall mount (not included). As the job site changes and progresses, the DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Points self-heal and adapt, retaining connectivity on site and helping to keep users connected to their data.


DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Points provide increased productivity and profitability by providing access to 3D models, construction software, RFI’s, change orders, punch lists, collaboration tools and photo documentation. Each Access Point operates off of 120V AC power and provides WPA2 encryption via SSL interfaces for security.


One DeWalt Jobsite WiFi Access Point is available for $1,499 MSRP.

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