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Panelized Wall Systems and PG Column Covers

PolyVision Corporation and Gordon, Inc. introduce PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers. Designed and developed through a partnership between the two companies, PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers are panelized wall systems and column covers that fuse PolyVision’s CeramicSteel panels and Gordon’s engineered wall cladding systems to give architects and designers more choices for high-performance wall systems.


Ideal for high-traffic areas like airports and transit hubs, stadiums and arenas, hospital hallways and patient areas, plus artistic ceramic wall canvasses PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers deliver unsurpassed durability and resilience. The series includes PG CeramicSteel Walls (CeramicSteel 3-ply composite panel); PG MR-1000: Mounting with Reveal; PG MC-1000: Mounting with Butt Joint (Concealed System); PG SB-2000: Snap-on Solid Batten; PG SR-2000: Snap-on Batten with Reveal; PG CeramicSteel Column Covers (CeramicSteel finished sheet) and PG CC-4000: Column Cover.


PolyVision’s CeramicSteel is made fusing vitreous enamel to the metal substrate at temperatures ranging from 1500º to 1700ºF. When joined with Gordon’s engineered extruded aluminum wall systems, architects and contractors can have the durability, performance and customizable capabilities of CeramicSteel with the resilience, fabrication and ease of installation of Gordon systems in a one-stop shop. Moreover, PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers are resistant to scratches, graffiti, chemical, bacteria, fire, stain and UV rays.


To truly make a project one-of-a-kind, PG CeramicSteel Walls and Column Covers provide unmatched levels of personalization and individualization for any commercial building project. A state-of-the-art digital printing process and custom color options enable the wall panels and columns to become works of art. Custom panel sizes up to 4' x 10' are available, and the product series offers options for reveal, seamless look or decorative joints.


Additionally, the walls and column covers underscore both PolyVision and Gordon’s commitment to protecting and sustaining the environment. The CeramicSteel is made from 100% inorganic materials and is 99% recyclable. Both the wall panels and column covers are certified for indoor air quality and manufactured in plants that have achieved ISO 9001 for efficient use of resources.

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