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Partition Closure Series

Balco USA introduces the Michael Rizza™ Partition Closure System (PCS-Series), the industry’s only vertical silicone compression seal and sound transmission dampener that’s molded into a single 100’-long length. The aesthetic PCS-Series is an easy to install. The economical product is designed for vertical junctures and joints between the ends of partitions and curtain walls and glazing for office facilities, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings.


The PCS-Series’ 100’ length is the industry’s longest, which reduces labor-intensive multiple splicing associated with other partition closures. The 100% silicone construction is easily cut onsite with a utility knife and has the flexibility to fit into 2”-wide expansion joints between exterior glass or mullion curtain walls and CMU or drywall partitions. The installation process is completed with a one-step silicone rubber building joint sealant, such as Dow Corning® 790, which complements the PCS-Series’ abatement of sound/vibration transmission, thermal transfer and dirt/dust infiltration.


The one-piece, bellows-like design consists of 2 hexagonal and 2 trapezoidal-shaped chambers that allow the PCS-Series to easily expand and contract within a ±1/2” range without the use of mechanical springs or parts. The open chambers give the PCS-Series superior, lab-tested sound reduction qualities of up to STC-58, depending on single- or double-sided installation configurations.


An optional 10’-long anodized aluminum Tube Channel Base Member (PCS-1B) and a C-Channel Base Member (PCS-1C) allow one side of the PCS-Series to be inserted and held securely. Both channels can accommodate larger joint openings and can be installed onto building materials non-invasively with construction adhesives such as Liquid Nails or Sikaflex 1A.


The PCS-Series standard color is black; however, colors from the Dow Corning 790 silicone color palette are available for matching building materials.


The PCS-Series doesn’t lose flexibility, deteriorate or fade because of inherent endurance of silicone and built-in ultraviolet light inhibitors. It also contributes to Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) credits and comes with a standard one-year warranty.

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