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DeWalt® announces that its ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System, which offers improved durability and modularity versus previous units, is now available.

Reliable storage solutions even in extreme conditions, ToughSystem® 2.0 storage products offer rugged-terrain mobility. With an increased wheel size and a durable design, they can withstand the rough treatment of the job site, workshop and van racking. The ToughSystem® line includes a range of products, from storage boxes and organizers, to trolleys as well as racking. Fully backward-compatible with the original ToughSystem® products launched in 2011, the ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System has upgraded features and provides users with customizable storage solutions to fit their jobsite needs. The next generation of ToughSystem® includes a Toolbox (DWST08165), a Large Toolbox (DWST08300), an Extra-Large Toolbox (DWST08400), and a Rolling Toolbox (DWST08450), all sold separately.

These boxes are engineered for convenience with strong, patented, auto-connect side latches that feature one-touch release. Each box features robust 2-piece metal front latches that have been redesigned for maximum durability and with a visible IP 65 seal for dust and water resistance. The boxes are reinforced for high impact protection, and in addition, offer an aggressive look with ToughSystem® 2.0 labelling clearly visible on the boxes. In total, the ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System offers 20% larger storage capacity than the system’s previous models. For durability, modularity, capacity and organization, the new system provides Storage Built To Handle It™.


In addition to being compatible with original ToughSystem® products, the ToughSystem® 2.0 Storage System is also compatible with the ToughSystem® Cooler. Individually the Toolbox will retail for $49.97 MSRP, the Large Toolbox retails for $59.97 MSRP, the Extra-Large Toolbox retails for $69.97, and the Rolling Toolbox retails for $89.97 MSRP. ToughSystem® 2.0 storage solutions come with a lifetime limited warranty.

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