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Resealable Opening

ZipWall® introduces the ZipWall Dust Barrier PassThrough™, a resealable opening for passing a duct hose up to 14" in diameter through a ZipWall barrier. The PassThrough is designed for use by commercial and residential remodeling professionals when setting up negative air pressure on a job site, and by restoration and mold remediation professionals when ducting air through a ZipWall containment barrier.


The PassThrough consists of a pair of mating plastic rings that mount onto any ZipWall® pole and create an opening in the barrier. It supports any duct hose up to 14" in diameter, including vinyl, while maintaining the integrity of the barrier. A nylon fabric sleeve seals around the hose with a quick cinch. When the hose is removed, the sleeve can be cinched closed to completely seal the opening. Part of the ZipWall Dust Barrier System, the patented PassThrough clamp-mount works with all ZipWall spring-loaded poles.


In commercial remodeling, the use of negative air pressure is critical for dust control in sensitive environments like healthcare facilities, schools, restaurants and hotels. In restoration and mold remediation, once an affected area has been isolated with a ZipWall barrier, the PassThrough provides an efficient way to use drying and air filtration equipment.


The ZipWall Dust Barrier System is a fast and efficient dust protection solution for remodeling and restoration. ZipWall spring-loaded poles—used with plastic sheeting or with the eco-friendly ZipFast™ reusable panels—create temporary dust barrier walls up to 20’ high in minutes without ladders, tape or damage. The system includes accessories to create doors in the barrier, seal off doorways, form a tight seal along the ceiling, floor and walls, and prevent tracking of dust out of the work area.

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