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Self-Feed Bits

Diablo introduces SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits. These bits are specifically designed to address a number of problems professional users have with traditional self-feed bits and hole saws: inefficient, slow, short life span and battery charge longevity.


Diablo’s SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits have been designed for speed and use in a cordless drill. They eliminate the feed screw issues and are created by a far superior manufacturing process that enhances their performance, quality and longevity.


Unlike the competition, every Diablo SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bit has a precision heat forged 2-cutter head made from premium steel on fully automated equipment. This process delivers quality and consistency for smooth drilling and up to 2X longer life and 2X more holes per battery charge than the competition.


The bits have a unique positive hook angle tooth geometry, which means these forward-leaning teeth rip through soft wood up to 2X faster than standard bits. They feature a replaceable feed screw with a pull-out stop design that prevents it from slipping out when the bit is removed from the material.


There are 9 Diablo SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bits ranging from 1 1/8" to 3 5/8". Each includes a replacement feed screw and Allen key.

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