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Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Count on G&S Acoustics for the latest style options in sound absorbing wall panels. The new aCapella Scores-Flute is a winning way to add style and sound control to walls.


aCapella Scores-Flute sound absorbing wall panels (.45 NRC) are scored with a v-groove design in the face of the ½" recycled polyester panel. Panels are available in 16 colors from neutrals to bold brights, and 6 standard patterns with custom designs available


aCapella Scores-FluteLayers are essentially the same, with the addition of a 1/8" thick recycled felt layer on top of the polyester panel for two-tone look. They have a .55 NRC sound absorption rating and 20 mFelt fabric colors to use atop the 16 aCapella base colors. These also come in 6 standard patterns with custom designs available.


Both aCapella Scores-Flute and aCapella Scores-FluteLayers meet sustainability requirements to use the Declare Label for Living Building Challenge Compliant Products, which discloses all intentionally added ingredients and residuals.

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