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MDC is reaching new heights—including the ceiling—with Zintra Acoustic Solutions. Updates to MDC’s popular portfolio of Acoustic Solutions include new textures and geometric configurations.


It’s easy to mistake Zintra Cloud for artwork hanging from the ceiling (pictured). The 2 new styles, Giffard and Blanchard, feature elliptical and diamond constructions with openings to let light pass through for an airy, light feel.


The 2 new patterns of Zintra Texture, Trappe and Tissage, pop out from the wall to create a dynamic, 3-dimensional ambiance. The raised designs bring texture and dimension to commercial spaces and resemble a stone path and woven basket.


Zintra on Zintra now offers a range of 20 dimensional designs that can be used for entire walls, paneling, desk dividers and concertina screens. These are created from 2 Zintra panels, one of which has the design cut out allowing the back panel of color to show through.


Zintra Acoustic Baffles now make installation and assembly even easier. The new format allows for free-form structures with a different aesthetic. Gorge, the first in the new range, features an asymmetrical profile and perforated accents.


Zintra has a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.26 to 0.60, depending on the design.

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