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Stair Protection

Ram Board® and Surface Shields® now offer Stair Armor™, a temporary surface protection specifically designed for stairs. This unique paperboard is easy to install and can withstand jobsite traffic.


Stair Armor™ features the Spill Guard™ Technology that’s found in a roll of Ram Board®. When protecting stairs, the bullnose takes the most beating. That’s why Stair Armor™ has a reinforced bullnose to preventing rips, tears and potential trip hazards. To help avoid accidents, Ram Board® implemented new Tread-Trac™ Technology to the bottom of every Stair Armor™, giving it extra grip. Also, proper taping instructions and warning decals are printed on the board.


Multiple fold lines accommodate common 10"–11" tread depths, and a 34" width makes it the ideal method for protecting any hard surface staircase. It can be reused, and its recyclability qualifies toward LEED credits.


Sold in retail packs of 6 folded units, multiple flights of temporary stair protection can be carried onto a job site in one hand.

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