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Sto Corp. Adopts New Naming Structure for Wall Systems

Sto Corp., Atlanta, has adopted a new naming convention to ensure ease of specification and peace of mind for customers concerned about code compliance and sustainability. Systems that meet or exceed ASHRAE design standard 90.1-2013, IGCC/IECC energy code requirements for continuous insulation (ci) and California Title 24 requirements for energy efficiency now include the abbreviation “ci” in their names, followed by the names of finishes, insulations or other components that differentiate products from one another.


To align its existing products with the new naming structure, Sto made the following name changes to its product offering:

  • StoTherm Lotusan NExT® is now StoTherm® ci Lotusan®.
  • StoTherm Classic NExT® is now StoTherm® ci Classic.
  • StoTherm Essence NExT® is now StoTherm® ci Essence.
  • StoPowerwall® EnergyGuard™ is now StoPowerwall® ci.
  • StoPowerwall® NExT DrainScreen™ is now StoPowerwall® DrainScreen™.
  • StoPowerwall® with Sto ExtraSeal® is now StoPowerwall® ExtraSeal®.
  • StoQuik Sliver NExT® DrainScreen™ is now StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen™.

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