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Temporary Power Distribution System

Larson Electronics LLC has released a temporary power distribution system that converts 480V AC current into single phase 120V AC and 208V AC 60 Hz. This portable power distribution system makes it safe and easy to tap into 480V AC power and distribute it to a variety of electrical equipment indoors and outdoors where grid power is unavailable, such as construction sites.


The MGL-60C-30KVA-4X120.20A-1X208.50A-E18 is a mobile temporary transformer that allows operators to power their equipment on converted 480V AC power. This portable power distribution is designed to operate with 480V, three phase, 60hz, which it then steps down to three phase 120V AC and 208V AC via a 30K VA transformer. Secondary current is wired to a 120/208V, single phase, 100-amp load center with main breaker for circuit protection. 120/208V line out protection is provided by three 20-amp, 125V, single pole breakers and one 50-amp, 250V, 2 pole breaker. The 120V AC power is then available via four 5-20R 20amp, 125V GFCI protected duplex receptacles and the 208 VAC power is available via one CS8369 50amp, 250V receptacle.


The MGL-60C-30KVA-4X120.20A-1X208.50A-E18 is potted and built to UL 1640 standards with a NEMA 3R rated load center. The transformer, along with the load center/distribution assembly, is mounted to a dolly cart style frame made of powder-coated steel. This stable and durable platform with two run-flat rubber tires provides operators with great mobility throughout the worksite. A center point lift is including so the unit can be easily lifted with cable or chain hooks. A 60' 4/4 SOOW line-in cable is included to connect the substation to a primary 480V primary power supply and a fused disconnect is included for primary line-in protection and to supply primary power to the 30 KVA transformer.

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