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Tension Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces the LTTP2, a next-generation light tension tie designed to resist tension loads when used to attach wood to concrete or masonry walls. The LTTP2’s patent-pending, one-piece design offers 25% higher allowable loads than its predecessors, increasing design flexibility.


Fabricated from a single piece of galvanized steel, the LTTP2 features an extruded anchor bolt hole to accommodate 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" bolt diameters along with two separate nailing patterns: obround holes spaced 3" apart for I-joist purlins, and square holes spaced to accommodate the narrow face of 2x solid sawn purlins.


The LTTP2 may be installed vertically on the wide face of a minimum 2×4 stud for holdown applications and can be fastened with nails or Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws.


The one-piece design of the tested, code-listed LTTP2 simplifies installation for contractors, and the innovative nailing pattern means one product can be used for multiple applications, increasing efficiency and productivity on the job site.


In addition to innovations that accommodate higher allowable loads and multiple applications, the LTTP2 features a low-profile seat to reduce visibility of the connector.

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