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Tethered Tool Program

KNIPEX Tools offers new ANSI-compliant tethering system and 1000V insulated tools for its tethered tools and attachments line. The additions include An ANSI-rated lanyard, 2 adapter straps and 7 1000V insulated tools.


The KNIPEX tethering system includes a captive eye to keep the ANSI-compliant lanyard (38" in length) secured to the carabiner as well as a self-locking gate to prevent any unintentional opening. The ANSI-compliant adapter straps (13" in length) offer multiple ways to attach to personnel including from a belt, wrist or harness.


The tethered tool system provides effective protection against accidents and damage caused by falling tools. The tether attachment is welded onto the multi-grip handles for stable mounting and can hold a maximum tool load of 3.3 lbs. The lanyards are made of gathered fabric that expands to 5' when under strain.

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