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Hilti, Inc. announces the launch of its latest products and tools, as part of the company’s continuing efforts to bring safety and productivity to its customers.


With a strong focus on addressing the challenges and needs of customers, this new product line includes several products for the wall and ceiling contractor.


B12V 4.0 Battery. Providing up to 60% more work per charge, the B12V 4.0 Ah battery packs more power than the B12V 2.6 Ah battery, but in a similar compact package. Backed by Hilti’s 2-year wear and tear warranty, this battery delivers more productivity.


22V Advanced Compact 4.0 Ah and Power 8.0 Ah Batteries. Introducing 2 new options for increasing efficiency. The B22V 4.0 and 8.0 batteries are perfect for use in a variety of tools to keep them powered throughout the day. With a reduced weight and size, the advanced compact B22V 4.0 battery delivers more charge than standard 18V 5.0 Ah batteries. The power of the B22V 8.0 battery has up to 50% more run time allowing you to work all day with minimum to no runs to the charger.


Dispenser CD 4-A22. Ideal for filling long construction joints or covering large penetrations, the CD 4-A22 cordless dispenser gets the job done faster. With 1,120 lbs of force, this dispenser provides the power you need to apply a variety of sealants, caulks and firestop, and pairs perfectly with Hilti’s 20-oz or 10-oz cartridges.


Laser Range Meter PD-I. More compact than ever, the newly designed PD-I is rugged, durable and easy to use even with gloves. Now with an integrated Bluetooth interface, you can easily transfer measurements to the app of your choice with a simple click of a button.


Multiline Laser PM 30-MG (pictured). The multiline laser PM 30-MG offers full 360° green horizontal and vertical lines to deliver speed and accuracy for any indoor layout job. The sturdy and easy to adjust magnetic bracket delivers more precision for your multidirectional alignments, and the B12 battery ensures long run times and short charge times. The PM 30-MG sets the bar for drywall, electrical, and mechanical layout applications.


Stand-up Handle SDT 9 with Framing Screw RT5+. Featuring an all new “hybrid” delivery system, the SDT 9 is the most advanced system on the market for installing both side lap and framing screws while in the standing position. No matter the decking job, the SDT 9 gives you the versatility to get it done.

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