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Ultra Flexible Sanding Products

3M™ Advanced Abrasives Ultra Flexible Sanding Products last longer than conventional sandpaper and can help pros deliver excellent results, job after job.


Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets can roll, fold, shape or twist to fit into and around the most intricate corners and surfaces.


Ultra Flexible Sanding Rolls deliver all the benefits of sanding sheets but can be cut into just the right size of abrasive to get the job done.


Ultra Flexible Sanding Sponges have a patterned side to channel dust away from the sanding surface for both clog-resistance and easy cleanup.


The sheets and rolls have an innovative backing that resists punctures, tears and creases so pros can finish the sanding job with fewer change-overs. Strong resins hold it all together to deliver a system of truly advanced abrasives. The sponges have a unique patterned surface on one side to make them highly flexible and great for detail and contour sanding. The other side is ideal for flat sanding.


Together, these advanced materials enable 3M™ Advanced Abrasives Ultra Flexible Sanding Products to outlast traditional sanding products. Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets and Rolls last 15 times longer than 3M conventional sandpaper of comparable grit based on backing life during hand sanding, while the new sponges last 5 times longer than 3M conventional sanding sheets of comparable grits using average results.


3M™ Advanced Abrasives Ultra Flexible Sanding Products are available in a variety of formats and grits and can be used for a broad range of projects.

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