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Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum

DeWalt announces the new 20V MAX 1/2 Gallon Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum, the DCV517. The new DeWalt hand vacuum will use the same GORE® HEPA filter as the DC515, making it the only vacuum in its class with both wet and dry cleaning capabilities. (Class is defined as Milwaukee 0850-20, Makita XLC02ZW, Bosch VAC120BN, DeWalt DC515, DeWalt DCV517.) The HEPA filter is efficient, trapping 99.97% of dust as small as 0.3 microns (10x smaller than drywall dust). It also minimizes “blow by” of dust in the vacuum exhaust air. A membrane coating minimizes dust penetration through the filter and allows the cartridge to be rinsed after use. Original filter performance is then restored after cleaning, increasing the lifetime and efficiency of the vacuum. A membrane filter also provides easy usability by allowing the vacuum to accept wet and dry material without any component changes.


This new vacuum features a largest-in-class tank capacity at half a gallon, allowing the user to vacuum more volume-per-tank than with a competitive unit. Large capacity is critical to vacuum performance, as frequent tank empties lead to inefficiency on the job site. This vacuum is also the only in its class to have a flexible hose attachment. This provides users with dual clean-up modes—a built-in gulper nozzle for bigger jobs, or a detachable hose for tighter spaces. The 2.5' hose is extendable up to 5' and accepts DeWalt vacuum accessories with the addition of the Universal AirLock Adaptor.


Powered by the DeWalt 20V MAX battery system, the DCV517 will also see additional performance improvements over the DC515. Not only will this platform upgrade allow users to run the vacuum on their current 20V MAX DeWalt batteries, there will also be a significant runtime improvement over the 18V DC515. This increased battery capacity will lead the DCV517’s improved performance on key vacuum specifications.

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