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Wood Connectors Catalog

The Simpson Strong-Tie 2019–2020 “Wood Construction Connectors” catalog, a comprehensive guide to the company’s most recent innovations and product line expansions for wood construction applications, is now available in print and online.


The new catalog is the first in the industry with updated connector allowable load tables to meet the new ASTM test standards required by the 2015 and 2018 International Building Code®. It is designed to assist engineers, architects, designers and contractors in selecting the right products for improved performance, efficiency and productivity. And in an ongoing effort to make it easier for pro suppliers to manage inventories, product line offerings have been streamlined and simplified.


The new catalog features more than 14 new products and product line extensions, including new additions to the Outdoor Accents® collection of decorative hardware, and the MPBZ moment post base and BT brick tie product lines. To simplify product specification, Simpson Strong-Tie has eliminated redundancies to make it easier for customers to choose the right product, and has moved a portion of specialty items to the website in order to further streamline the catalog and provide for an enhanced user experience both in print and online.

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