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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards 2016

Category: Contract Less Than $1Million

Winner: Farmington New Public Library, Farmington, Missouri

In 1915, the public library in Farmington, Mo., was founded with 150 books. One hundred years later, it opened a spectacular new building holding 42,000 volumes.

You don’t see the elements in this new structure every day: 7,500 individual components to frame the exterior, 320 trusses and bent fascia, arched and radiused windows, and GFRC columns color-matched to the stone sills and the EIFS above them.


The interior presented even greater challenges to the people of Miller Drywall, Inc. From the hand-built library books made of studs and drywall, to the 2,600 linear feet of soffits of every imaginable style, this job was perplexing. Light soffits were made by stick framing and flexible track to make perfectly round surfaces. The interior also included a “panel” look of the drywall made with 4,000 linear feet of trims.


The ceiling installation was complicated by time-frame restrictions and all of the different bays caused by soffits. It took 13,400 square feet of ceiling tile, 264 lineal feet of flex wall angle 180 lineal feet of curved axiom and grid. The ceiling clouds were installed with aircraft cable, ceiling grid and trims. All the wood elements were built by hand.


This is a job that forced Miller Drywall to think outside the box, and for their success they now not only have a standout project in their portfolio, they have an award.

AWCI Member Contractor

Miller Drywall, Inc.

AWCI Member Manufacturers

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls

Fry Reglet Corporation


National Gypsum

Senergy (BASF Corporation – Wall Systems)

USG Corporation

AWCI Member Suppliers

Ceiling Supply, Inc. (AMAROK)

Missouri Drywall Supply, Inc. (GMS Subsidiary)

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