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Construction Quality Award 2017: Drywall

AWCI's Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2017

Category: Drywall

Winning Project: Old Parkland West (Dallas, Texas)

Total Man-Hours — 105,109

Total Square Footage — 296,215

Materials Used

Wallboard — 414,000 sf

Sheathing — 193,526 sf

Shaftwall — 41,262 sf

Tile back — 110,678 sf

Trims — 14,900 lf

Truss Count — 311

GRG Pieces — 748

Lutron Shades — 14

Challenge Accepted

Old Parkland brought the Baker Triangle drywall and plaster divisions together to collaborate on the extensive classical walls and ceilings. The Debate Chamber and Century Hall ceilings consisted of 1,120 linear feet of GFRG, 3,376 square feet of acoustical plaster, 5,375 square feet of gypsum plaster, 3,855 square feet of Venetian plaster and 50,000 square feet of wallboard framing.

Extremely tight site logistics were among the challenges. The level of difficulty continued from exterior framing to the truss system on the seventh floor copper metal roof, which tied into the prefabricated gutter system. Dance floor scaffolding was used by all trades for the 12,600 square feet of suspended cold rolled channel framing that formed the ceilings in the Debate Chamber and Century Hall.

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