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Construction Quality Award 2017: Small Project

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2017

Category: Small Projects

Winning Project: Restoration Hardware at Cherry Creek Shopping Center (Denver, Colorado)

Total Man-Hours — 13,613

Total Square Footage — 62,048

Materials Used

Wallboard — 191,404 sf

Drywall Grid — 40,745 sf

Steel Framing — 184,905 lf

Challenge Accepted

South Valley Drywall, Inc. says this job is “one of those 10-year projects that you are so proud of when you are done, but it takes a decade to be ready for the next one.”

One challenge was the framing and drywall around a striking multiple compound radii grand staircase that climbed up the four-story atrium. Scissor lifts, spider lifts and engineered scaffolding/platforms were used to reach inaccessible areas. Any difficulties with framing details and custom fabricated framing member were solved with BIM, leading to a Level 5 finish.

The use of a robotic total station ensured the symmetrical floor design lined up from floor to floor and matched the BIM. Componentized framing members hit the manufactured tolerances seen in millwork, and prefabricated radius drywall and barrel ceilings were created using a drywall milling machine.

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